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Quiet waters
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
August 28, 2023

“He leads me beside quiet waters” (Psalm 23:2). Our Good Shepherd, Jesus, promises he will lead us beside quiet waters. Water is necessary for life. The body can only last a few days without water. It’s essential to survival for humans and animals. 

Sheep would not survive without their shepherd leading them to water. They lack the ability to remember where their water source is. Even if a sheep hears streams nearby, it can’t find the refreshing waters. Sheep get lost easily. They need to be led to water. If they aren’t, they will drink anything, even water filled with feces and foul contaminants. Their desperate search to quench their thirst leads them into danger.

When have you been so thirsty for fulfillment and acceptance in life that you drank the polluted, poisoned water of temptation? No matter how you answer, no matter what you did, there is one truth. It’s because you acted like a sheep and wandered from your Shepherd. In Christ you have refreshment. In him you receive the living water of his grace that washes away every sin and every failure.

When you start to thirst for unhealthy, unholy waters, realize you’ve wandered. There’s safety and purity waiting for you in Jesus. The amazing truth of grace is that Christ knows you’ve wandered. Because he loves you, he runs after you. He rescues you. He leads you beside quiet waters. Stay close to Jesus, and you will be refreshed continually.

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