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Remind me, Lord
Andrea Delwiche
by Andrea Delwiche
February 28, 2023

In these times, feeling safe and secure can seem like a relic of the past. Perhaps we used to be able to brush off our worries, but no more. Our hearts race with fear. The muscles of our neck tighten as we dwell on our mental list of problems. Troubles are as stark as the newsprint in the morning paper. The diversions that we’ve used to cover over injustice and hatred, excess and comfortability are being exhausted. Saving ourselves and our families through our own means begins to look as laughable as it truly is.

We don’t need to save ourselves. We can’t save ourselves. Not day to day. Not eternally. The same Lord Jesus who saved us to spend eternity with him lives inside each of us today and works in, with, and through us to care for us now. He keeps our feet on level ground and guards our hearts, minds, and bodies with his immeasurable love.

“Reassure me; let me hear you say, ‘I’ll save you’” (Psalm 35:3 MSG).

The psalmist’s request of the Lord can be our prayer too. He says, in effect, “Lord, remind me that you alone are my salvation.” We need to be reminded of this—maybe even on an hourly basis some days. 

In the past week, how has God provided you with reminders of his salvation? Can these gifts spur a prayer and expression of thanksgiving? How about a foundation for deep peace?

May God help you rest and live joyously, wrapped in his love.

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