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Revelation benediction #6: The Bible is a big deal
Pastor Mark Jeske
by Pastor Mark Jeske
October 24, 2019

Procrastinators have a way of pretending that the day of accountability will never come. Students know that there will be final exams but can’t resist going out for some beers when they should be studying. Company accountants know that the audit is coming, but they don’t budget enough prep time. Branch managers know that inspectors from the central office are coming someday, but that day seems far off.

Here’s a big question for your life—do you really believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is going to come back to earth, end human history as we know it, and command his angels to sort out the believers and unbelievers? Do you actually believe that unbelievers will be condemned to a miserable eternity with the devil? Do you accept the information presented to you in the Bible about the end times? Here is your warning: “Look, I am coming soon! Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy written in this scroll” (Revelation 22:7).

“Keeping the words” means believing them to be true and living out the implications of what you believe. “Keeping the words” also means believing that eternal life in heaven is going to be as good as the Bible says it will be. Today as you go about your tasks, connect with people, enjoy some relaxation, keep one eye on the sky. He might just come back today, you know.

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