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Say, “mercy”
Pastor Dave Scharf
by Pastor Dave Scharf
September 23, 2021

Did you ever get pinned down by your older brother or sister? Or perhaps you were the one pinning him or her. If that’s the case, do you remember what you made them say before letting them up? More than likely you said, “Say, ‘uncle’” or “Say, ‘mercy.’” 

The word mercy is scattered throughout the Bible. Mercy is undeserved love that generates in God’s heart because he sees our weakness. It’s similar to the reaction you might have for someone who is struggling with a disease. When you see someone’s hurting, your mercy prompts you to see how you can help.

Do you ever feel like you’re pinned down on your back in life? Like the troubles of life, whether marital or financial or work related, have you flat on your back? Well, what’s the solution? Say, “mercy.” 

In life, sometimes the only time we see God is when he allows us to be knocked flat on our backs. And that can be good because what do we see when we’re on our backs? The only place to look is up. “Our eyes look to the Lord our God, till he shows us his mercy” (Psalm 123:2).

We see God, who is with us and sees our hurts, our struggles, and our needs. We see Jesus, who showed us his great mercy by suffering and dying on a cross so that we can be in heaven with him someday. We see our God, who shows mercy.

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