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See the unseen
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
October 15, 2023

The stars are magnificent. When it’s a crisp, clear night with twinkle-twinkly stars glowing bright, you get a glimpse of the expanse of God’s greatness. In one day, just one 24-hour period, God spoke, and it was. The universe was and is and continues to be. 

Look up and see God’s handiwork for you. Look up and know God pinpointed each star into its place, each planet into its existence. You see the unseen. Oh, the stars are beautifully visible, but you didn’t see God plop them into place. Yet your faith trusts he did. You see the unseen. Oh, the sun is unmistakably present, but you didn’t witness God setting it ablaze. Yet your faith trusts he did. You see the unseen. You see with eyes of faith the brushstrokes of God’s loving hand in each sunset. You see the unseen power of the all-powerful as your eyes marvel at creation. 

There are many times when you can’t see how life will work out. The devil whispers that God is not powerful enough or present enough to help. “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (Psalm 19:1). Creation commands that God is powerful. After thousands of years, creation is still balanced and beautifully proclaims God is present. You are not alone. If he took so much care creating the cosmos and even crawfish, how much more care does he have for you, whom he sent his Son to save!

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