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Am I Strong Enough?

Few people take up more pages of the Bible than Moses. The man God used to rescue his people. The prophet who first held the Ten Commandments in his hands. Yet Moses was not as strong as one might think. He was vulnerable, compulsive, timid, untrusting, and, at times, angry. This four-part series introduces us to Moses, the friend of God, who relied on the strength of God to overcome his weaknesses and reminds us that our strong God can do great things despite our weaknesses.

Life’s Challenges

Am I Strong Enough? I Feel Stuck

You’re not the best, the strongest, the fastest, the most patient, or the most loving. But God isn’t waiting for that day or that year when you finally start winning a few victories. It’s when you feel stuck and at your weakest when you see God’s glory.

Life’s Challenges

Am I Strong Enough? How God Fights for You

“Let my people go,” God said 3,500 years ago to the king of Egypt who enslaved God’s people. God fought to set his people free. And though he no longer uses frogs or flies like he did back then, God still fights for us today. Pastor Mike shares two of those ways in today’s message.

Life’s Challenges

Am I Strong Enough? When You Argue With God

When life gets messy and complicated, we find ourselves wanting to tap out, give up, and object to God. But God doesn’t give up on us. Pastor Mike shows us three things God does to overcome our objections and arguments with him while providing for us during our time of need.

Life’s Challenges

Am I Strong Enough? God Really Works Through Ordinary Me?

God certainly can do miracles. But he normally doesn’t. Instead, he works through the most natural people and natural means. Pastor Mike explores the story of Moses to uncover three ways God works through ordinary people like us.