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Ascended Into Heaven As One of Us

Who is God?

Ascended Into Heaven as One of Us

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Jon helps us understand what Jesus’ ascension into heaven means for us today.

Who is God?

Paving the Way to Heaven

No matter how hopeless your circumstances seem, you can know with certainty there’s a better future.

Who is God?

Pleading Your Case Before God

The better someone knows you, the better that person can represent your interests. So who represents you best?

Who is God?

Where Is Jesus at Work in Your Life?

Who is in charge when life gets tough?

Who is God?

Are You Struggling to Find Rest?

Do you struggle to sit still and find rest?

Who is God?

A Hope of Heaven for Us

When Jesus went up to heaven, he did so as one of us. What does that mean for us?