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Dealing with Death

Pastor Jon provides some practical advice about ways to deal with death. It certainly isn’t easy, but we can find comfort in Christ.

Life’s Challenges

Dealing With Death Compilation

This week Pastor Jon showed us how we can gain comfort from God’s Word when dealing with the death of loved ones. Catch up with all 5 videos today.

Life’s Challenges

Dealing With Death: Living With Loss

Pastor Jon shares two ideas for moving forward.

Life’s Challenges

Dealing With Death: Expected Death

Pastor Jon shares a practical idea for helping your kids deal with the expected death of a loved one.

Life’s Challenges

Dealing With Death: Loss of a Child

What do you say when someone loses a child? Pastor Jon shares his testimony.

Life’s Challenges

Dealing With Death: Sudden Death

Pastor Jon helps change your perspective when you’re dealing with a sudden loss.

Life’s Challenges

Dealing With Death: Before the Final Breath

Have you struggled with what to say to loved ones on their deathbed? Pastor Jon shares a personal story about a time he knew the Spirit was at work.

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