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Evolution of Faith

Living My Faith

Evolution of Faith: To Inexpressible Joy

It’s tempting to think that we just need to wait out this broken world until Jesus comes back, to think that joy only begins with heaven. But the apostle Peter tells us that right now, even during our struggles and challenges, an inexpressible joy is possible.

Living My Faith

Evolution of Faith: From Fear to Peace

What happens if something gets in between you and the promise of heaven? At first glance, the Bible’s answer may sound contradictory. But as Pastor Mike digs into the apostle Peter’s letter that he wrote to friends who were being persecuted, we see why we can turn our fear into peace.

Living My Faith

Evolution of Faith: From Apathy to Praise

Sometimes we feel stuck in our relationship with God. There’s pain, suffering, frustration in our lives. Maybe we’re just lukewarm about our faith. So how do we get closer to God? Pastor Mike says to start with writing a eulogy—about God.