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Help Me Have More

In a world that feels increasingly unsettled and angry, T-shirts and social media posts encourage us all to “be kind” or “choose kindness.” The Bible not only agrees with that message but adds, “Be joyful, peaceful, patient, and self-controlled.” However, God does not leave us with a simple command to achieve these near-impossible ideals, but rather gives us Jesus and sends us his Spirit. In this five-part series, you’ll learn how the Trinity, working together in us, begins to change us from the inside out.

Living My Faith

Help Me Have More: Kindness

Kindness. Our culture seems infatuated with it as we all preach kindness. Yet it’s often difficult to be kind because kindness comes at a cost to us. What does it take to transform our hearts into making us the kind, loving people God calls us to be? The answer, Pastor Mike says, starts with remembering this.