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Less Me

Pride is the sin behind every sin, the plague that infects the human heart and messes with mankind. Which is what makes Jesus so breathtaking. Throughout his life, he was humble. In the way he spoke. In the people he engaged with. In the time that he spent. In the life that he gave. This three-part series marvels at the humility of our Savior and encourages us to “have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

Living My Faith

Less Me: Jesus in 3 Words

Who is Jesus? Pastor Mike’s answer consists of just three simple words. Yet through these words that succintly encapsulate Jesus’ identity, you will see how your struggles and fears can be put to rest.

Living My Faith

Less Me: Christianity WILL Cost You

Jesus didn’t sugarcoat it: following him comes at a great cost because you have to put him first. So why even follow Jesus? Because the reward, Pastor Mike says, is even greater.

Living My Faith

Less Me: More Me Makes a Mess

Pride isn’t always thinking too much of ourselves; sometimes it’s just thinking of ourselves too much. And that self-focus often leads to a mess. So how do we humble ourselves? Where do we start?

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