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Wars and Rumors of War

Bible 101

Wars and Rumors of War

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Bible 101

Is There a Greater Good to War?

Can there be a greater purpose to the ugliness of war?


Help Those in War Stand Firm

How can we help those in the midst of war to stand firm in their faith?

Bible 101

What to Do in the Midst of Troubles?

We might be living where wickedness seems to be increasing and love is decreasing. We might be hated and persecuted. But, Pastor Mike reminds us, there is a greater promise waiting.

Bible 101

What Happens After the Pain?

Events of this world can be so bad that we feel as if there’s not much more we can take. Though Jesus was brutally honest about the birth pains our world experiences, he also talked about what happens after the pains.

Living My Faith

“Do Not Be Alarmed” at War? Seriously?

Jesus told us not to be alarmed at war and rumors of war. But that sounds so unreasonable when we see so much death and destruction happening right now. How do we not become alarmed? Pastor Mike helps us find comfort with this reminder.