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Struggles with Genesis?
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
March 25, 2022

For many, the struggle with science and religion starts in Genesis. “You’re saying God created the universe with just a few words? And Adam and Eve were real people? And Noah built a boat and marched animals on board? Why would anyone call this nonfiction?” My short answer is—We believe in Genesis because Jesus did. 

But why follow Jesus’ lead? Logic and love. Logically, it’s reasonable to trust the guy who predicted his own resurrection and then pulled it off. Study the works of Gary Habermas and realize how reasonable it is to believe Jesus came back from the dead. Or read 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and the book of Acts and follow the apostles’ line of thought—“Jesus is alive! We are witnesses! If the resurrection is true, that Jesus had the divine power to conquer death, he must be God. And, if he’s God, then we can trust what he trusts, Genesis included.”

Or consider trusting Jesus because of love. Jesus loves us illogically. God dying on a cross doesn’t compute, but that’s what God did. God not counting our sins doesn’t agree with the accountant in us, but that’s what God says. God remembering no more what we can’t forget doesn’t make sense to us, but that’s God’s bottom line. No human loves like that. Only God does. Which points to a Jesus who can be trusted.

There are many hard parts about holding on to Genesis. But know this—Jesus loves every page of the book that begins the Bible. That’s why we can too.

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