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Study skills
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
April 13, 2022

Ezra was a professional copyist. He transcribed Moses’ scrolls so God’s Word could be passed around to more people. What Ezra worked on worked on him. He “committed himself to studying the Revelation of God, to living it, and to teaching Israel to live its truths and ways” (Ezra 7:10 MSG). After some captivity, “he arrived from Babylon, a scholar well-practiced in the Revelation of Moses that the God of Israel had given” (verse 6). Ezra had good study skills. He educated himself in God’s Word. That paid dividends in his life and in the lives of others. We can do the same thing. We can copy the copier.

Read: Written words don’t have meaning unless we read them. God’s words on a screen or in a book are there to read. When we do, we begin to understand God’s big plan and notice our special little place in it.

Write: Forming words with our hands somehow unlocks their power. We can underline, rewrite, or script a prayer-a-phrase of favorite psalms, proverbs, and sayings of Jesus and post them to our thoughts. The important things we write down tend to stick with us. 

Speak: Conviction is the author of our spoken words. Verbalizing passages that we’ve tucked away reveals our commitment to them. Quoting the Bible to other people expands the Holy Spirit’s universe and God’s kingdom. 

Remember: When we read, highlight, and take to heart the Holy Scriptures, we get faith that will never fade away.

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