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Scam likely

Two or three times a day, caller ID gives me a heads-up that the person calling is probably nefarious. “Scam Likely,” it warns me….

Bible 101

If Angels Are Real . . .

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Jeremy helps us understand where angels are in our lives.

Bible 101

If Angels Are Real, Why Does Life Hurt?

Why is there so much pain in our lives if angels are supposed to help?

Bible 101

If Angels Are Real, Why Do I Still Fall Into Temptation?

If angels protect us, why does God allow us to fall into temptation and suffer the consequences of it?

Bible 101

If Angels Are Real, Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Angels don’t stop us from feeling alone and discouraged. But we need to remember and take Jesus’ words to heart.

Bible 101

If Angels Are Real, Why Do People I Love Die?

Angels don’t always stop death from happening. But they aren’t supposed to, especially for the one death that changed everything.

Bible 101

If Angels Are Real, Then Why . . .

If angels are real and are meant to guard us, why don’t they protect us from all bad things? Because, Pastor Jeremy says, there’s a proper use to the Bible’s teaching on angels.

Living My Faith

Do not be afraid

My grandma Novotny used to love wearing angel sweatshirts. Standard-issue gray with long sleeves and an angel stitched onto the chest. I can still…

Bible 101

Angels Are With Me?

Yes, there is a whole army of angels fighting for you.

Life’s Challenges

Are My Loved Ones Watching Over Me From Heaven?

Do our loved ones in heaven watch over us? And are guardian angels real? This week, Pastor Mike answers tough questions from viewers like you.

Bible 101

Two-way Christmas traffic

Of the many, many astonishing features of the events of the first Christmas, one of the most astounding is how few people noticed anything…

Bible 101

Heroes of Christmas: Zechariah

When people say they were speechless after some shock, their silence probably didn’t last very long. In a minute or two they opened up…