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Bible 101

David, Servant and King: Giant Killer

In the classic story of David vs. Goliath, who are we? Spoiler alert: We’re not David.

Bible 101

David, Servant and King: Anointed One

God doesn’t look at outward appearances. He looks at something else. In this Bible series project, Pastor Dave looks at the life and lessons of David.

Bible 101

The most overlooked guy in the manger scene

He’s always there, but seems to be hovering in the background. He humbly looks upon the baby in the manger, giving plenty of space…

Bible 101

If God is good, then where did evil come from?

I want you to trust every word of the Bible . . . . . . even from the very first page. That’s why…

Bible 101

God or science? Wrong question.

Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code and more recently Origin, is one of the most successful authors of all time. According to Brown’s own admission,…