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Bible 101

What’s the Message of the Bible?

The Bible can be a complicated book, but it is simply about you being with God.

Living My Faith

What Matters Most in Your Life?

Do you see the opportunities and gifts God’s given you? In this Bible series project, Pastor Jared looks at the life and lessons of the apostle Paul.

Bible 101

Joshua: Leader of the New Generation Compilation

Pastor Jeremy looks at the events that happened in Joshua’s life. Joshua’s story is one of faith, trust, and belief that in God and through God all things are possible.

Bible 101

What Monument Are You Building With Your Life?

At the end of your life, what do you want people to say about you?

Bible 101

The Day the Sun Stood Still

Be bold with your prayers.

Bible 101

There’s Hope for Those Who Make Mistakes

Bible 101

Faced With Discouraging Challenges

What should you do when God tells you to do things that don’t make sense?

Bible 101

Overwhelmed but Not Alone

Do you feel alone in life? Take some encouragement from Joshua.

Bible 101

That’s Messed Up: God’s Cleaning Solution

The ending of Bible book of Judges requires an adult I.D. to read. A woman chopped into pieces and mailed throughout Israel? That’s really messed up! But the Spirit inspired this story to prove two points. First, that life falls apart when everyone does what he or she thinks is right. Second, that God does not give up on people after the most disgusting sins.

Bible 101

Let there be people

Let there be people God began his work on the sixth day with the creation of land animals, both the wild ones and those…

Bible 101

That’s Messed Up: Press on in Faith

Gideon seemed so good. The humble farmer who became a Sunday school hero. But the fame went to his head, and good ol’ Gideon died as a spiritual adulterer and snare for his people. That’s messed up! But the story reminds us to fight the good fight through the final round, run the race until the last step, and worship God until our final breaths.

Bible 101

That’s Messed Up: Not Just a Boys’ Club

A quivering commander. A female savior. A housewife who plunges a tent peg through a general’s brain. That’s messed up! But that’s what happened in Deborah’s day. Her unlikely story proves that God blesses and saves his people through those we would least expect—little children, common mothers, and a carpenter from Nazareth.