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Bible 101

Shine the light on your words and thoughts

“Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done…

Bible 101

Strong tree

Ancient shipbuilders would prepare the masts for their ships long before installing them. They would go to the forest and find an appropriate tree….

Living My Faith

Look for fullness

I’d like you to think about something I’m wrestling with. How do you see the Bible? Is it half empty, or is it full?…

Bible 101

A hole and the whole

Recently, our 16-year-old son got his first phone. (Yes, we lean slightly toward the old-school way of life. . . . We also still…

Bible 101

You give them . . .

Recently I read the account of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Something jumped off the pages of Scripture that never did before. Different truths…

Living My Faith

That’s just who I am

She overspends the credit card again. When confronted, she excuses her impulsive shopping: “That’s just who I am.”  People explain away anger, unfaithfulness, porn,…

Living My Faith

You should love this Bible nerd

The other day I sent my wife a text with some in-depth, granular, Hebrew-based research I had done in the Bible. She replied (as…

Bible 101

Heads up!

If a fly ball is hit into the air, you might hear the words, “Heads up!” to warn you. If a friend or coworker…

Bible 101

Cell phone vs. God’s Word

Do you know how many times a day the average person picks up his or her cell phone to check messages, scores, or other…

Living My Faith

Learn to R-E-A-D your Bible

Can I share a spiritual habit that has helped enrich my Bible reading?  R-E-A-D your Bible. This acronym helps me daily to meditate more…

Living My Faith


The ticktock countdown finally reached the midnight hour. While the echo of “Auld Lang Syne” burned off in the rising sun of the dawn,…

Life’s Challenges

Drunk with the devil

Have you ever gotten drunk with the devil? I’m not talking about drinking beers with the prince of darkness. I’m thinking about thoughts served…