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Living My Faith

How You Can Make an Impact: Even When No One’s Watching

How much of an impact can you really have if no one’s around to see what you did? If you don’t post it on social media?

Living My Faith

How You Can Make an Impact: By Not Putting Yourself First

In a world where everyone is looking to make a name for themselves, Pastor Jon says to do the opposite and make a name for someone else. Why?

Living My Faith

How You Can Make an Impact: With Small Acts

Do you feel too ordinary to make a difference? Pastor Jon assures you that God can and will use you. How?

Living My Faith

Less Me: Christianity WILL Cost You

Jesus didn’t sugarcoat it: following him comes at a great cost because you have to put him first. So why even follow Jesus? Because the reward, Pastor Mike says, is even greater.

Living My Faith

A word to impulsive people

The reformer Martin Luther once said, “All of us are either a Jacob or an Esau.” If you know the story of those twin…


Choose to pray for your leaders

May I admit that when I pray for people, I find it easiest to pray for myself? I’m not proud of saying that, but…

Living My Faith

Less Me: More Me Makes a Mess

Pride isn’t always thinking too much of ourselves; sometimes it’s just thinking of ourselves too much. And that self-focus often leads to a mess. So how do we humble ourselves? Where do we start?

Living My Faith

It’s all in the attitude

There are three outlooks on life I know don’t work.  Clinging to the past (because there is no future in it) Pessimism (because there…

Living My Faith

Here’s How You Help Jesus

What do you see when you look at the face of someone God has put in your life to help? Hint: Do you see Jesus?

Bible 101

Party With the Prodigals

If we’re not comfortable “partying with prodigals,” maybe we’re the ones who are lost.

Living My Faith

Give a eulogy today!

Do you know what a eulogy is? In Greek, it simply means, “a good word.” We often equate eulogies to funeral speeches, but such…

Living My Faith

The confessions of a man

I have a confession. It’s hard to be a man. I’m sure it’s hard to be a woman too, but I can’t speak to…