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Living My Faith

The Power of “And”: Spiritual and Religious

Those who lead the church have a high and holy calling. They can bring many people to Jesus or damage those whom God loves dearly. Therefore, the apostle Paul gives Titus–and us–high standards for our message and personal lifestyle.

Living My Faith

How to Be a Good Neighbor

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week, as Pastor Matt shows us how we can be neighbors to one another the way God called us to be, despite the unrest and uncertainty in our world.

Living My Faith

The Mercy Rule of Being a Neighbor

These five words are a sign you need to think differently about how to be a neighbor.

Living My Faith

Is pride good or bad?

“Pride goes before a fall.” Even people who have never had their noses in a Bible know that proverb. It is usually applied to…

Living My Faith

Heroes need the Word too

Mental cloudiness is the curse of every human being. Until we get to heaven and finally see, hear, and understand everything clearly, we squint…

Living My Faith

How Do I Love ALL My Neighbors?

Can you love EVERYONE as your neighbor? Well, for starters, you’re not obligated to be a good neighbor. Pastor Matt explains.

Living My Faith

The Power of “And”: Me and God

Life can change drastically when we listen beyond just one part of the story. Add an “and” and listen to all of it. Pastor Mike digs into the book of Titus to show how this word, “and,” can make a difference by seeing where God is in life.

Living My Faith

Judging talk

Being “judgmental” is one of the greatest social sins you can commit today. You can hold any ideas you may care to, but you…

Living My Faith

What am I living for?

From the moment our eyes pop open in the morning, we are driven by our appetites, our physical and emotional wants and needs. All…

Living My Faith

Do People Know You’re a Christian?

Letting your light shine isn’t just about the amazing things you do. It’s so much more. Pastor Mike was in Israel right before the COVID-19 pandemic. Here where Jesus gave his famous Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Mike reminds us about our role to shine.

Living My Faith

Lying talk

Why do people tell lies? Well, that’s easy. Because lying might enable guilty people to escape responsibility and consequences for their misdeeds. Because lying…

Life’s Challenges

How to Overcome Negativity

How do you overcome negativity in your life when you’re weighed down by guilt?