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Who is God?

The chosen one

We love the idea of a “chosen one,” don’t we? Think of how many of our best stories involve the coming of some special…

Social Issues

A perspective on problems

Life is full of problems. It seems for every one issue that gets resolved there are two more frustrating dilemmas that pop up. The…

Living My Faith

Shut your mouth, holy man (or woman)!

I sort of wish I had someone there to stop me every time I start saying something unkind or unnecessary or in a scathing…

Life’s Challenges

When church is a pain

Sometimes church is a pain. Then there’s the church sign with good intentions, inviting everyone to learn what the Bible teaches about hell. The…

Bible 101

Spiritual but Not Religious

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Mike tells us why we CAN’T be just “spiritual but not religious.”

Bible 101

When Being “Spiritual but Not Religious” Failed

Spoiler: It’s not okay for you to just believe in God and just pray to him without any structure or organized religion. And here’s why.

Bible 101

Did You Leave the Church Because of Your Pastor?

Can you forgive the pastors who have hurt and disappointed you? Can you reconnect with a church again?

Bible 101

Does Your Church Tell You the Truth?

These are the two truths your church needs to tell you.

Bible 101

Do You Really Need Church?

You can podcast a thousand different sermons, stream amazing worship music, and make online donations to a church. So why do you need to come to an actual church?

Bible 101

Is It Okay to Be Spiritual but Not Religious?

Are you content to have a personal relationship with God and see no need for community? God insists otherwise, Pastor Mike says.

Social Issues

Abortion: What Does God Say? Abortion and the Government

What guidance does God give us on how to deal with government and the moral dilemma over issues such as abortion? Pastor Mike talks about the relationship between church and government, how issues such as abortion fit into the mix, and what we can learn from the New Testament Christians.

Social Issues

Abortion: What Does God Say? Abortion and the Church

God loves life. Throughout the Bible, God has much to say about the lives of people who are outside of the womb. Poor lives. Struggling lives. Trapped lives. Scared lives. What would it look like if God’s people felt the same way and deeply cared about each life? How might the abortion discussion change if every Christians was pro (every) life?