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Life’s Challenges

God gets your abuse

Have you ever been going through something in life and had a conversation with someone who truly understood what you were going through? Maybe…

Living My Faith

Be kind to those with special needs

In ancient times when a king assumed the throne, he killed off all the members of the family that had been in power. Not…

Life’s Challenges

Who touched me?

One day Jesus was walking through a crowd so big that it had the potential to crush him. While plenty of people were bumping…

Life’s Challenges

If you can save just one

As I was preparing to teach a series of messages on abuse, members of our church gave me some honest feedback on a survey…

Life’s Challenges

Help abusers with grace

Recently 159 members of our church completed a survey to help me prepare for a series of messages on abuse, and one of the…

Life’s Challenges

Help the abusers with truth

I once accused a man of being a liar. Following a conversation with his wife and daughters, three quiet women who told me about…

Life’s Challenges

Help the abused with grace

I once knew a woman who had been badly abused by her significant other and yet, despite calling the cops, went back to him….

Life’s Challenges

Help the abused with truth

If you know someone who’s been abused, you need to read and heed Isaiah’s words: “Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed”…

Life’s Challenges

How to help the abused (& abusive)

Many years ago, a woman came into my office and confessed to me that her husband was hurting her and her kids physically and…