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Life’s Challenges

Backline and nonessential workers: You were made for such a time as this

A few weeks back, I read an article about the ICU staff working with COVID patients in England. The article stated that these frontline…

Living My Faith

Let’s be presumptive positive

Two months ago I didn’t even know the words presumptive positive could go together. Then, in the beginning of August, 77 NFL players’ COVID-19…

Living My Faith

How Do I Love ALL My Neighbors?

Can you love EVERYONE as your neighbor? Well, for starters, you’re not obligated to be a good neighbor. Pastor Matt explains.

Living My Faith

Essential Faith Against COVID-19

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Mike helps us see what we need to get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Living My Faith

What Shapes Your Heart?

Our attitude is shaped by those around us. So who’s got your ear and heart during this pandemic?

Living My Faith

The Secret to Contentment—Even During COVID-19

Do you think you deserve better than the unfairness you’ve been dealt from the coronavirus pandemic? Pastor Mike’s answer may surprise you.

Living My Faith

Push Back Against the Pandemic

We need to have a spiritual plan to push back against the coronavirus pandemic so we don’t lose our faith. Pastor Mike shares how we can do that.

Living My Faith

What Is God Teaching Us Through COVID-19?

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week, as Pastor Mike helps us see what God is teaching us through the coronavirus.

Living My Faith

God & COVID-19: Learn to Be Grateful

Maybe God is using the coronavirus to teach us about expressing gratitude toward those we often overlook.

Living My Faith

God & COVID-19: Be Reminded of Generosity

What would happen to the reputation of the church and the name of Jesus if his people gave to those in need when they didn’t have to? Maybe God is teaching us about generosity through the coronavirus.

Living My Faith

God & COVID-19: Life Is Short, But This Isn’t

In a world where life passes by in a few short breaths, there is only one thing you can always rely on. Pastor Mike reveals this certainty during these uncertain times.

Living My Faith

Blessing #6—Teaching Us Generosity

I suspect that 2020 will throw us the slowest pitch the Christian church has gotten in a long time. Our prayers for revival might…