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Living My Faith

The Book of Revelation

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Jon takes us through the book of Revelation—and gives us the most important takeaway.

Living My Faith

The Book of Revelation: Different Perspectives, but One Truth

Don’t try to interpret the apostle John’s writings in the book of Revelation. Just remember this one truth.

Living My Faith

Withholding judgment until judgment day

I’ve reached a new milestone: I care about my lawn. I never thought I would be one of those people. But I want my…

Bible 101

Wars and Rumors of War

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Bible 101

What Happens After the Pain?

Events of this world can be so bad that we feel as if there’s not much more we can take. Though Jesus was brutally honest about the birth pains our world experiences, he also talked about what happens after the pains.

Bible 101

Lord’s Prayer: “Your Kingdom Come”—What Am I Asking For?

When we pray “your kingdom come,” what are we actually asking for and what does it mean for us? Is God’s kingdom already here? This week, Pastor Dan walks us through the Lord’s Prayer and helps us see how we can continue to grow in our relationship with God.

Life’s Challenges

Hold on to the reality of hope

The war in Ukraine adds one more item on our two-year list of collective crises. There is no need for me to rehash all…

Bible 101

The End Times

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Mike helps us to gain perspective on the end times.

Bible 101

What Will Forever Be Like?

After Jesus comes back and judges all humanity, the minute after that’s over, what will it be like?

Bible 101

Jesus Will Return. So What?

Knowing that Jesus will come back one day, how should we live our lives? Everything’s going to end anyway, right?

Bible 101

Does the Bible Reveal Jesus’ Return?

The Bible makes it clear Jesus WILL return. But can we figure out when that day will be? Pastor Mike shares a story from his past that gives us the proper perspective.

Bible 101

Why Hasn’t Jesus Ended the Suffering Yet?

If Jesus loves us and is supposed to come back, ending the pain and suffering of our world—kids get cancer, loved ones go through depression, spouses are betrayed, natural disasters cause destruction—why hasn’t he done it yet?