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Life’s Challenges

Your giants will fall

Maybe your giant is stress. A bad habit. A broken heart. A tendency to lose control when life doesn’t go the way you want. …

Bible 101

Uncertain certainty

I dragged my feet about jumping on to the listening-to-podcasts bandwagon. (That’s an understatement.) Friends convinced me to check some out, and while I’m…

Life’s Challenges

What makes hell like hell

I’ve been to hell. No joke. I ran into the very pit of hell and escaped to tell you the story. I should explain….

Who is God?

God came near

One of my spiritual mentors reminded me of this shift: There is a difference between faith in the outcome I am dictating to God…

Living My Faith

Remember to be thankful

The pilgrims, remembered for the first Thanksgiving dinner, developed an interesting custom. They would place five kernels of corn on each empty plate before…

Living My Faith

Cumulative effect

I was cleaning out some files and read things I wrote decades ago. Yikes! I would never say stuff like that today. I reiterated…

Living My Faith

Stuffed with wonder

I occasionally substitute teach in my son’s high school, and one of my highlights is reading Fahrenheit 451 with the American Lit. class. I…

Living My Faith

The true cost of following Christ

Jesus wasn’t a fan of fine print. When someone from the crowds wanted to follow him, Jesus didn’t get out a glossy brochure with…

Living My Faith

Faith up close

I love seeing faith up close. A while back, I received a kind invitation from the wife of a dying man. She correctly guessed…

Living My Faith

You’re in a competition

It’s amazing to see Olympic athletes compete. It’s breathtaking to watch them perform in their events. But how did those athletes get to that…

Living My Faith

Don’t waste your worry

A friend clued me in to using stickers on my fingernails. Nail polish is not an option for me, since as a nursing assistant…

Living My Faith


Let’s say you’re a contestant on Jeopardy. One of the categories is “The Bible.” Right in your wheelhouse. When it’s your turn, you get…