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Living My Faith

Awareness test

Have you seen that “awareness test” on YouTube with millions of views? Two teams of basketball players shuffle around amongst each other in a…

Social Issues

George Floyd and Psalm 10

Our country continues to process the mind-breaking emotions of Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for nine minutes. In response,…

Living My Faith

I’m confident in this

I’m not an overly confident person. I’m not the type to assume that everything will go well or according to plan. I’m not confident…

Friends & Family

Believers bring blessings

I wonder if Potiphar had any idea that his sudden burst of prosperity was due to the Israelite slave that he had brought into…

Living My Faith

Resting is a work of faith

Give a one-year-old a toy drum and that child will keep banging. Nonstop. Until Mom or Dad can’t take it anymore and attempt to…


You’ve got God’s phone number

Last year J. J. Watt, an NFL football player, made news when he gave out his phone number and invited people to connect with…

Living My Faith

Hope From Israel: Where Is God’s Grace in Your Life?

Pastor Mike was in Israel right before the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the entire third series of Pastor Mike’s Israel devotions from this past week, as he helps us see God’s powerful grace in our lives.

Living My Faith

Hope From Israel: Good News Just for You

When you feel like your faith isn’t where it should be, remember who Jesus’ good news is for. Pastor Mike was in Israel right before the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, Pastor Mike reminds us of who Jesus came to save.

Living My Faith

Hope From Israel: What if I’ve Denied Jesus?

Have you ever denied Jesus? with your words? actions? inactions? If so, the apostle Peter can teach you a lesson. Pastor Mike was in Israel right before the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu in Jerusalem, Pastor Mike reminds us of the encouraging story of Peter and his denial of Jesus.

Living My Faith

Trust the catcher

Circus performers describe a very special relationship between trapeze artists. One of the performers releases from his trapeze, leaving it behind. He twists up…

Living My Faith

Loving God

For too many years I was content with an inconsistent relationship with God. His commitment to me never faltered, but my commitment to him…

Life’s Challenges

A perfectly good faith

“To the faithful you show yourself faithful” (Psalm 18:25). When I was counseling Christian teenagers, some troubling concerns brought them to my office. Concerns…