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Living My Faith

They’ll never take our freedom!

Do you recognize the name William Wallace? Perhaps you’re familiar with Mel Gibson’s depiction of William Wallace in the movie Braveheart. Wallace was a…

Living My Faith

Celebrate your dependence

For people reading this in the United States, today is Independence Day. Americans love to celebrate the day the Continental Congress declared we were…

Bible 101

Your #1 motivation

If there’s a gap between the person you are now and the person you want to be, what gets you to change? If you…

Life’s Challenges

Christianity Seems Foolish

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Ben helps us see that what looks foolish to the world actually gives us great hope.

Life’s Challenges

Foolish Christianity: Put Aside My Personal Freedoms?

We may have the right to do certain things and exercise our personal freedoms, but that should not be our highest value. There’s something even more important than our personal rights and freedoms.

Social Issues

Stop looking for a savior

Elon Musk just bought Twitter. Some are decrying this development because they don’t like a billionaire having so much control over this app. Others…

Living My Faith

Better than fear

Fear is a powerful thing, and every parent knows it. A little bit of fear will conform the behavior of my children. All I…

Living My Faith

Should you “do Lent”?

Churchy words can be weird. (That’s why Pastor Mike has a six-part series talking about them.) Pretty soon you’ll be hearing another one: Lent….

Living My Faith

Choose the water that works

In 2010, rapper Lil Wayne expressed a dilemma we all face in life. He assumed “the game” (a career in rap music) would satisfy…

Social Issues

His love for the world

I’m so glad that Jesus wasn’t racist. The Novotny family tree reaches its branches back to modern Germany and the Czech Republic. Lots of…

Who is God?

Jesus’ water works

There are two things I love about the “water” that Jesus offers us in the gospel of John. “Jesus answered, ‘Everyone who drinks this…

Living My Faith

Just four things

One of my favorite memes was based on a tweet from 2018: My 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said…

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