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Living My Faith

You can grow!

  What are the characteristics of people who live with God here on earth and in the world to come? Good question. If you…

Living My Faith

Like a swarm of bees

Animate things like bees, birds, and youth soccer teams demonstrate swarming behavior. They move en masse one direction and then in another in response…

Life’s Challenges

The math of forgiveness

Here’s a story that Jesus almost told—There was a man who owed a king 100 silver coins. The king, knowing the man couldn’t pay…

Living My Faith

Help Me Have More: Kindness

Kindness. Our culture seems infatuated with it as we all preach kindness. Yet it’s often difficult to be kind because kindness comes at a cost to us. What does it take to transform our hearts into making us the kind, loving people God calls us to be? The answer, Pastor Mike says, starts with remembering this.

Living My Faith

Where forgiveness begins

Have you ever seen the musical (or read the book) Les Misérables? It is, in part, about a convict named Jean Valjean who refuses…

Who is God?

You’re more than space dust

A couple of weeks ago, NASA released images from the James Webb telescope, the most high-tech telescope ever invented. The images caused a ruckus…

Life’s Challenges

What to do when someone sins against you—Part 5

In 2018 Botham Jean was sitting in his own apartment when the unthinkable happened. Amber Guyger, a police officer, entered Botham’s apartment, mistakenly believing…

Life’s Challenges

Does God Even Understand Us?

Is God just like an “undercover boss”? Or is it actually possible for God to understand what we’re dealing with when we’re being tempted?

Life’s Challenges

Bounce cuz you’re blessed

What did I bring to church this week? My kids. My purse. Pens for sermon notes. A mop for the rain that had dripped…

Living My Faith

Loved by our Father

Years ago Ernest Hemingway wrote a story about a Spanish father and his son Paco who had a falling out, causing the boy to…

Living My Faith

Make us bold to pray

Which of these scenarios best describes your relationship with God? Scenario #1—The scene is a courtroom. God, the judge robed in black, takes his…

Living My Faith

Let there be lights

A few years back, our family took a tour through Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. At one point in a deep, open part of the…