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Living My Faith

Why It’s Hard to Be Great

Why should we continue to show love and concern for others who don’t return the favor?

Bible 101

Less me, more Jesus

His conception and birth were swathed in drama and miracles. He burst onto the scene at age 30, just like his famous relative Jesus,…

Who is God?

The names of God: Messiah/Christ

In Old Testament times, God had a unique ceremony by which he would show his choice of a spiritual leader and then invest that…

Living My Faith

Greatness Comes at a Cost

If you want to be great, Jesus said you must be willing to do this.

Living My Faith

It’s in the Word

People do know a few things about God all on their own. They know he exists—every culture on earth involves stories about a power…

Social Issues

Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about humanity?

People are really frustrated with each other right now. There’s no shortage of issues on political, cultural, and personal life levels that can leave…

Living My Faith

What Do You Want Jesus to Do for You?

A great life isn’t out of reach for anyone.

Living My Faith

The names of God: Redeemer

During the American Civil War, President Lincoln and the U.S. Congress had a desperate need for military manpower, so they instituted a military draft…

Living My Faith

Jesus’ forgiving grace

I once heard of a pastor who had the best/most unsuccessful counseling idea. When couples brought their conflicts into his office, he would say…

Living My Faith

I’m a Christian, but . . .

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24). I never used to understand that passage. As I get older and see the…

Who is God?

GOD is here

The other day I asked my friend Katie, “Who would be the most life-changing person to walk through that door and be here with…

Living My Faith

What if My Family Doesn’t Believe in Jesus?

What should I do if my family doesn’t believe in Jesus? I know I should pray, but is there anything else I should do? This week, Pastor Mike answers tough questions from viewers like you.