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Living My Faith

Want More Joy and Peace?

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Mike teaches us what true joy and peace looks like.

Living My Faith

Do You Have Never-Ending Joy?

There’s a special joy that never ends. And the good news, Pastor Mike says, is that you can have that kind of joy right now.

Living My Faith

How to Find Good Joy

How do we find the good kind of joy that God gives us? It doesn’t have to be hard if we just do this, Pastor Mike says.

Living My Faith

Is It Bad if It Feels Good?

Why is it that some of the things that are bad for us can make us so happy in the moment? Even the Bible admits there’s a joy that comes from sin, Pastor Mike says. So how do we know if the joy we have is good or bad?

Living My Faith


Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Jared leads us through what it means and takes to be truly happy.

Living My Faith

How Do You Find True Happiness?

Are shame, guilt, and regret preventing you from finding joy?

Living My Faith

What Is the Thief of Joy?

Ninety percent of our happiness does not come from our stuff. You may be surprised where our happiness does come from.

Living My Faith

How Do You Find Joy?

The people who are suffering often have the most joy.

Living My Faith

Is Happiness the Answer?

Do you rely on outside circumstances to make you happy?

Living My Faith

Are You Happy?

Is happiness what we should be looking for?

Living My Faith

Choose Gratitude Over Grumbling: Because of Eternal Joy

When God takes away your health or your security or the life you long for, it feels like you have more reason to grumble than to be thankful. How can you be grateful when so many things go wrong? Today’s message has the apostle Paul’s powerful answer.

Bible 101

Answering Skeptics, Round 3

Watch the entire series from this past week as Pastor Dave looks at more questions and objections that people have when it comes to Christianity.