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Depression & Anxiety

How to overcome unwanted emotions

Emotions don’t have a morality. They are not good or bad, right or wrong. There is a proper time, place, and purpose for every…

Who is God?

The most shocking thing about Jesus

The most shocking thing about Jesus might not be his death. I can’t imagine his death on a cross—the crown of thorns, the nails,…

Who is God?


“Thank you for seeing me, sir.”  “Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.”  As she waited for the job interview, Jeanie just couldn’t…

Who is God?

Don’t skip God

The other day I pulled out my absurdly thick, 4-inch graduate school binder that contains my theology notes from my second-year doctrine class. About…

Life’s Challenges

Your name in the book of life

I have a vivid memory from the late 80s of two people sitting at our kitchen table—my mom and Bob. I can hear those…

Who is God?

God and your great-great-great-great grandpa

As you look around, how many things do you see that were around when your great-great-great-great grandpa was walking the earth? My great-great-great-great grandpa…

Living My Faith

Focusing on Jesus, not self

“I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul makes its boast in the Lord;…

Living My Faith

Stop it!

Way before Bob Newhart played Papa Elf in the wildly popular Christmas movie Elf (and I mean way before, like in my childhood), he…

Life’s Challenges

Praise him in the hallway

When someone shuts a door in your face, it’s unpleasant. Momentum is broken. Communication is shut down. What to do? Pound on the door…

Living My Faith

Let your body be joyful

How do you do with outward expressions of joy? Can you imagine doing as David suggests in Psalm 30? Turning from wailing (which is…

Living My Faith

Are you ready for creation’s final concert?

Sometimes I think singing isn’t as much a part of our culture as it used to be. The evidence is everywhere. About a month…

Living My Faith

Stuffed with wonder

I occasionally substitute teach in my son’s high school, and one of my highlights is reading Fahrenheit 451 with the American Lit. class. I…