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Living My Faith

Science and spirituality

The year 1969 marked one of science’s greatest achievements. Maybe you remember the details—a 6.2 million pound rocket blasted American astronauts into space at…

Friends & Family

Love is an action

When I started dating my wife, I wrote her long love letters. I poured out my deep emotions in poetic prose. I waited to…

Living My Faith

“Because you say so”

One day as Jesus was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret, the people were crowding around him and listening to the word of God….

Living My Faith

Joy vs. happiness

What would make you happy, like really happy? If you were asked and you didn’t have to admit it out loud, what would you…

Life’s Challenges

Where’s your focus?

I’m not sure what you got for Christmas. I got COVID. Thankfully, my physical symptoms were mild. Unfortunately, my emotional and spiritual reactions were…

Who is God?

The glory of the Lord

If a kindergartener asked you what glory meant, could you explain it? When you pray, “The kingdom and the power and the glory are…

Who is God?

Jesus is a big baby

It’s hard for a baby to be a big deal. As much as I adore my two daughters, I realize that only a tiny…

Living My Faith

The source of Christmas joy

If you had to describe Christmas with an emoji, what would it be—the red angry face, the blue tearful face, or the yellow smiling…

Living My Faith

At the manger

It’s that time of year when we enjoy the lights and Christmas decorations neighbors have displayed in their yards. I particularly love any outdoor…

Living My Faith

Christmas is a time to smile

I have a pet peeve with most nativity sets. Some pastors are bothered by the wise men around the manger, since they technically didn’t…

Living My Faith

Top ten reasons to go to church

Why do you want to go to church? As a parish pastor, every year I would have a “Help the Pastor Write His Sermon”…

Who is God?

He changed the world forever

Chances are you will use some communication device today that was inspired by Steve Jobs, the founder and genius of Apple Inc. Most people…