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Living My Faith

Ordinary is how God ordinarily works

I bet you’d love to make some extraordinary changes in your life. Maybe to unconditionally love the people in your family, even that sibling…

Living My Faith

Learn to R-E-A-D your Bible

Can I share a spiritual habit that has helped enrich my Bible reading?  R-E-A-D your Bible. This acronym helps me daily to meditate more…

Living My Faith

Inner strength starts outside

My trainer explains that physical strength improves only with active exertion past a stress point. You have to reach a place of exhaustion and…

Living My Faith

Are you ready for creation’s final concert?

Sometimes I think singing isn’t as much a part of our culture as it used to be. The evidence is everywhere. About a month…

Living My Faith

Don’t waste your worry

A friend clued me in to using stickers on my fingernails. Nail polish is not an option for me, since as a nursing assistant…

Living My Faith

Make us bold to pray

Which of these scenarios best describes your relationship with God? Scenario #1—The scene is a courtroom. God, the judge robed in black, takes his…

Living My Faith

Ask God to give you himself

“Enough about me; tell me more about you.” The desire to get to know someone more deeply signifies that a relationship is there. It’s…

Living My Faith


Reinhold Niebuhr was pastor of Bethel Church in Detroit during the time between two devastating World Wars. He had the habit of writing eloquent…

Living My Faith

How to Worship When War Hits Home: Start with God

I was emotionally holding it together right until the point when the young man prayed for “my people.” It was our church’s usual post-sermon…

Living My Faith

Fiercely dependent

One way I would describe myself is that I’m fiercely independent. Fiercely. Independent. I know it doesn’t make sense to all the women out…

Living My Faith

I want to be this tree

A leafy tree casting its summer shade over a tranquil lake or meandering stream is my favorite heart-image—a picture that’s taken root in my…

Living My Faith

Just four things

One of my favorite memes was based on a tweet from 2018: My 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said…