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Living My Faith

Painful memories

Our capacity for memory is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? In the 3 pounds of tissue and chemicals within our skull are beautiful images,…

Life’s Challenges

We’re only as sick as our secrets

Over the last few years, a number of high-profile Christians have been caught in scandals. Most recently, it’s been reported that the late apologist…

Life’s Challenges

How to Reach That One Person in Your Life

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Ben helps us follow Jesus’ lead of reaching and serving one person at a time.

Life’s Challenges

Come Down From the Spiritual Ladder

You don’t need to climb a spiritual ladder to get God’s attention. Pastor Ben explains.

Living My Faith

Take the Baptism plunge

When I lived in the Milwaukee area, headline news on New Year’s Day announced the annual Polar Plunge. Every year people brave the frigid…

Life’s Challenges

Look back

  Tick. Tock. There are more than 30 million seconds in a year. How many of those 30 million moments of the year do…

Life’s Challenges

How Do We Rip Out the Darkness?

Eliminating evil in our world isn’t the answer.

Life’s Challenges

Trust in Facts, Not Feelings

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Phil reminds us that despite how we may feel, it’s the facts of God’s grace that matter.

Life’s Challenges

I feel goaded by guilt

Do you know what it’s like never to feel that what you do for somebody else is enough? Or good enough? Are you insecure…

Life’s Challenges

Feeling Guilty? Fact: You’re Forgiven

Even if you feel guilty, God no longer sees the wrong you’ve done.

Who is God?

Two wrong notes

At my daughter’s Christmas concert, she was playing a hymn for everyone to sing along. The program said there were two stanzas to sing….

Life’s Challenges

Thankful for My Mistakes

Do you constantly struggle with your mistakes? You can still give thanks because of what that means. Pastor Jon explains. This week we dug into our vault to bring you this 2017 Thanksgiving series from Pastor Jon. Though we had to brush off the dust, God’s Word is timeless!