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Living My Faith

Don’t be a troll

Do you know about troll farms? Until recently, I lived in blissful ignorance. But then I learned how thousands and thousands of people in…

Life’s Challenges

A battle worth fighting

“You have to pick your battles.” In other words, there are some things that are either just too small to worry about or battles…

Life’s Challenges

The Fight Against Temptation

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Caleb looks at temptation and our battle against it.

Life’s Challenges

Protection Against Temptation’s Heat

How do we deal with the heat of temptation? Especially when it’s a fight against an evil we can hardly comprehend?

Life’s Challenges

Why Does God Allow Temptation?

God is in control, so why does he allow us to be tempted?

Life’s Challenges

Does God Even Understand Us?

Is God just like an “undercover boss”? Or is it actually possible for God to understand what we’re dealing with when we’re being tempted?

Life’s Challenges

Temptation Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Temptation doesn’t happen from just a simple flip of a switch. It’s a slow build, Pastor Caleb says. But listen to one of the most famous biblical accounts of temptation to know of the hope you have.

Life’s Challenges

What Is Temptation?

How would you define temptation? Pastor Caleb identifies the three forces that tempt us—and where to find strength to combat temptation.

Social Issues

Your problems are not outside of you

For the past 30 years or so, the self-esteem movement has preached one message: You are wonderful just the way you are. That sounds…

Life’s Challenges

Follow Jesus in weakness

“Pastor,” the woman on the phone said, “I need you to stop by the house as soon as possible. It’s very urgent.”  “What’s wrong?”…

Depression & Anxiety

Help carry the load

On January 30, Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019, died by suicide. With a law degree and an MBA, she was a civil attorney, a…

Life’s Challenges

You were not meant to carry your burdens

Young adults and the elderly seem to share the ability to be transparent. On New Year’s Eve, a young man sat in my living…