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Life’s Challenges

Thorns protect the flowers

I never want to romanticize suffering. I take it very seriously. But I can’t overlook what God has done through suffering people. Suffering made…

Life’s Challenges

When death seems to win

This year I’m really struggling with writing about Easter. For me that’s pretty weird, because I love Easter. I love Jesus. I love that…

Life’s Challenges

Don’t Fight Temptation Alone

Temptation may make you feel like you just can’t win, no matter which way you go or how hard you try. But remember that you’re not in this fight alone.

Life’s Challenges

Get a Foundation That No Storm Can Move

The weakness of the house does not determine the strength of the foundation. What’s the strength of your foundation?

Life’s Challenges

Are You Alone in Your Storms?

Do you feel alone while walking through the storms of life? Pastor Jeremy assures you that you’re not.

Life’s Challenges

Finding the Light in the Darkness

Watch the entire devotional series from this week as Pastor Dave helps us see how we can find the light when the world seems so broken and dark.

Life’s Challenges

God, I Don’t Understand Why You Allow This

Why does God allow bad things to happen to you?

Life’s Challenges

How Does God Answer the Darkness?

Where is God when evil things happen? God has an answer.

Life’s Challenges

Where’s Comfort After Loss?

How do you move on after suffering loss?

Life’s Challenges

An Abnormal Christmas: Are You Waiting for Some Good News?

In a year filled with so much division and many challenges, it’s been painful and hard to find encouragement. But on this Christmas Day, Pastor Jeremy reminds us where we can find hope and encouragement. This year has been full of unpleasant surprises, and 2020 will conclude with an abnormal Christmas. But Pastor Jeremy helps us keep our perspective this week by looking at when an abnormal Christmas was very normal.

Life’s Challenges

Refinement by fire

I find the concept of trial-by-comfort pretty appealing. It sounds so much better than the whole trial-by-fire thing, which is a concept I’m not…

Who is God?

Thankful for God Not Answering Me

Even when God seems to be silent and doesn’t answer our “why” questions, we can still give thanks. Pastor Jon explains. This week we dug into our vault to bring you this 2017 Thanksgiving series from Pastor Jon. Though we had to brush off the dust, God’s Word is timeless!