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Life’s Challenges


There’s a phrase in the English language that’s better than most things one can hear in life. I’m speaking, of course, of the statement:…

Life’s Challenges

Find Joy in All Circumstances

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Ben shows us how we can find joy no matter what is happening.

Living My Faith

Does virtue always bring rewards?

Parents, teachers, and coaches all stress to their young charges over and over that doing the right thing will always bring you benefits. Wouldn’t…

Life’s Challenges

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Score

Do you find your identity in keeping score of your accomplishments? If so, that’s not healthy. Instead, Pastor Ben shares the record that really matters.

Living My Faith

Part of the puzzle

Back when my kids were younger, we had a Star Wars lenticular puzzle. Have you seen those? They have a 3-D holographic thing going…

Who is God?

Jealous. Exclusive.

Generally speaking, jealousy is not considered a particularly desirable trait. Jealousy suggests that you are envious of someone else’s blessings and achievements. Or that…

Living My Faith

What am I living for?

From the moment our eyes pop open in the morning, we are driven by our appetites, our physical and emotional wants and needs. All…

Living My Faith

A tale of two kids

Walk into my eldest daughter’s bedroom and you will marvel at the tidy space. Stop next door at her younger sister’s room and you’ll…

Living My Faith

Your Good Reason to Be Strange

It can be exhausting these days to try to have a civil conversation over disagreements. But that’s also why it’s a golden opportunity for Christians to be different. We live in a world where it feels impossible to have civil disagreements. How are we supposed to behave in this age of outrage? Though this series first aired in February 2019, God’s Word is timeless as Pastor Jon helps us see how we should act during these challenging times.

Bible 101

Bad apples: Rahab

You have probably heard the old saying about the risk of having even one bad apple in the apple barrel—just one rotten apple can…

Life’s Challenges

Making Sense of Suffering

Watch the entire devotional series from this past week as Pastor Jeremy helps us understand why there is suffering in our world.

Life’s Challenges

Determine Your Worth

How do you determine your worth? Especially to God?