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Talk to yourself (about God!)
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
January 2, 2023

Do you ever talk to yourself? You should, especially if you’re a person with a big heart.

I’ve met some wonderfully bighearted, compassionate, empathetic, sensitive, Christ-like brothers and sisters in the faith. While I tend to be more intellectual, they lean toward being emotional and relational, which is a true gift to the Christian church. I think of my mother who would gladly sacrifice sleep to alter a bridesmaid’s dress or sew up a ripped seam. Seeing her compassion is a small glimpse of the bighearted love of our Father.

The challenge, however, is not letting those emotions take control of what’s true. Have you ever been there?

The prophet Jeremiah was an emotional man too. How did he combat those deceptive feelings that robbed him of his joy? He explains, “I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion’” (Lamentations 3:24). Notice the start of that sentence—“I say to myself.” Jeremiah talked to himself! About what? About God!

We’re wise to do the same. When you’re scared, uncertain, or anxious about your day, tell yourself about God. Remind your shivering heart what God is like and how his character affects your situation. Through faith in Jesus, you’ll go through today with a God who can, who cares, who controls, who knows, who’s near, who’s enough, and who endures. Slow down—right now—and read through that list again, spending 30 seconds on each truth about your God’s character.

If you talk to yourself about what kind of God you have, you’ll be more than okay.

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