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The dress code
Pastor Dave Scharf
by Pastor Dave Scharf
December 28, 2022

Have you ever been to a restaurant that requires men to wear sport coats? I’ve never been to one, but I’ve heard that if you don’t have a suit, you can’t get in. Now, in the restaurant business, they will often have a closet with various-sized coats in it so you can dine there, but the principle still holds true: You need the right clothes to get in!

Did you know heaven works the same way? You must have Jesus’ perfect white robe of righteousness to get in. You can’t show up in the jean shorts of your own goodness or the Hawaiian shirt of your best efforts. If you tried that, you would only look foolish and wouldn’t fit in. I’m not even sure that you would be “kindly” asked to leave! 

The church father Augustine once prayed, “Lord, give me what you demand of me, then demand of me whatever you want.” Thankfully, what God demands, he gives. The Bible says, “All of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ” (Galatians 3:27). In Baptism, God gives us the clothes we need to get into heaven. You are right now wearing the perfection that Jesus lived, died, and rose to win for you. Far from breaking the dress code of heaven, you are wearing the most beautiful clothing ever made. You can look into the mirror today and say, “I look good!”

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