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The hill we died on
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
August 31, 2022

Christianity is at a crossroads. Some churches have planted their flags on the hills they’re willing to die on. They’ll stand firm where they’ve always stood. Members are bound by long-standing procedural and social behaviors and are unlikely to change them. Other churches are ending their self-imposed lockdowns and stepping out with good news. They’re engaging the world through social media, by modernizing the worship experience, and by starting ministries that change people’s lives for the better. This is uncharted territory for them. But they are excited to go there.

Christianity will always be at a crossroads because an ever-changing world needs Jesus. Remember, there is one hill that we all died on. It is Calvary. On Calvary, we died to ourselves and in Christ all will be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22). Our devotion to Jesus evolves out of the churning of repentance and renewal. We are always in a cycle of killing off our old inadequacies and coming back to life in new, God-pleasing ways. God’s mercy on us releases the power of God’s grace in us. We can initiate new directions for ourselves and for the church.

If you are a church leader, please help us choose the right road. More than anything, we come to church to see Jesus. We need to experience his love on a personal level. We want to follow him as best we can and lead others to him. You may need to reinvent yourself to help us do that. You are at a crossroads too. 

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