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The man who preached to 20 million
Pastor Mike Novotny
by Pastor Mike Novotny
January 7, 2021

One day a reporter went to witness the most famous man on earth in action. Walter Maier, the Lutheran radio preacher whose sermons reached 40,000,000 ears every week, was about to record another message. When the reporter arrived at the studio, however, he didn’t see Maier. He looked into the recording booth and saw nothing but an empty room. But the tour guide smiled at the reporter, “Look down.” The reporter took a step closer and saw the celebrity on the floor of the studio, on his face, begging God to bless his message.

I love that story. It reminds us all to stay humble, no matter how successful we are in ministry, business, or life. Even more, it reminds us of Jesus. Despite the notoriety and the size of his miracle-seeking crowds, where do we find Jesus at the end of his life? Matthew tells us, “Going a little farther, [Jesus] fell with his face to the ground and prayed” (Matthew 26:39).

Jesus stayed humble. As our sinless Savior, he avoided the proud assumption that he could handle things without prayer. Thus, when he died the next day, he had a perfect life to give for you, a sacrifice that would make God’s face shine with approval every time he thought of you. 

So imitate Maier as you humbly pray today, and worship your Savior for praying his way to your salvation!

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