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The more ideas we have for prayer, the better!
Linda Buxa
by Linda Buxa
June 13, 2019

I had a headache. I was tired. I had worked that morning, been in the car for three hours, and attended my son’s eighth-grade graduation. And I needed to be up in six hours for work again.

That’s when my daughter informed me that her graduation gown was wrinkled—and rehearsal was in the morning. Now, I am all about making my kids do their own chores, and they have all been doing their laundry since they were 8. Still, I knew she had a lot to do before the next day, and I volunteered to help her.

Honestly, my initial minute of ironing was fairly martyrlike, wishing I could just go to bed. Then, thanks to the Holy Spirit prompting me, I suddenly started praying for the child who would be wearing that gown that weekend. I prayed for the school that was such a blessing to her. I prayed for the school she’ll be attending in the fall.

Then I got to wondering about what other things might prompt me to pray. After all, when the Bible says to “pray continually,” having cues that integrate prayer throughout the day might be helpful. Most people already think to pray when they see an ambulance or police car speeding by. But I came up with a few ideas just to get us thinking:

  • As you drive by the places where your children work, pray for them to be faithful employees, ask God to bless their employers, or ask that their bosses lead with integrity.
  • As you turn the page in the daily planner, ask God to help you use your time wisely and for his glory.
  • When you do laundry, pray for the people who make it, that God would clothe you with “compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience” (Colossians 3:12), or for the people who will wear the clothes.
  • When you get your paycheck, thank God for providing for you, ask him to help you be a witness at work, and pray that you would be generous.
  • When you pay admission at a game or movie, thank Jesus for paying for your admission into heaven.
  • While waiting at a stoplight, ask God to stop Satan’s attacks, to have more patience, or to stop your family from falling into temptation.
  • After you hang up the phone or send a text, pray for that person specifically.
  • When you turn off your light at bedtime, thank Jesus for being the Light of the world.
  • When you open social media in the morning, pray for the first person whose post you see.
  • As your coffee is brewing, pray for God’s blessing on your day.
  • A specific song could be your cue to pray for your coworkers or friends or church family.
  • As you look at stars in the sky, pray for God to help you keep your eyes on heaven, thank him for keeping his promises, and praise him for how immense his creation is.
  • When you put on your wedding ring, pray for your spouse. Or when you put on ANY ring, thank Jesus for being your bridegroom.
  • As you look at the houses in your neighborhood, pray for your witness to the people who live in them–for their lives, their work, or their relationship with God.

What ideas do you have for prayer prompts? I’d love to hear them! The more ideas we have for prayer, the better!

Linda Buxa is a writer and editor who knows that ironing isn’t exactly the best prayer prompt. After all, there’s a decent chance that the next time she irons might be in two years when her middle child graduates from high school.

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