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Unchain my soul
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
March 15, 2023

I am yearning to be free. I am yearning for a better society, and I think we could have one if we all wanted it and talked openly about it. I am yearning to be free to discuss how God’s grace flows into and out of human potential. I don’t want to debate which humans have potential. I don’t want to worry about falling into theology traps that restrict Christian commentary to a narrow range of topics that is summarized with a set of low expectations. I am yearning to pursue lofty ideals. I like people and want to appeal to their better angels. I am yearning to urge people to be good and do good because God is good. 

When Jesus showed up in a body, he accepted our brotherhood and sisterhood and even promoted it. He redeemed us with his blood and taught us how to live with one another along the way. When did we stop emphasizing, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31)? Was it just too simple? Was it not obscure enough for religious elites because we wouldn’t need anyone to explain it to us? Who had a meeting and decided the Golden Rule was sappy moralizing and not a moral imperative from the very lips of Jesus himself? I am yearning to be free to do for others what I want them to do for me. I am yearning for you to do the same.

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