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Value of conviction
Pastor Jon Enter
by Pastor Jon Enter
July 3, 2022

If you tell someone, “I believe the Bible. I value what God values,” you can be mocked, targeted, and called awful names. It’s hard. It’s growing increasingly difficult on college campuses, in workplace environments, and even at family gatherings to be a proud and positive Christian.

In our culture today, personal truth is actually celebrated as strength. So be strong. Stand firmly yet respectfully on the truths of the Bible. 

Being a Christian with conviction doesn’t mean you have to know everything about the Bible. You don’t have to memorize the 12 tribes of Israel or correctly spell all 12 disciples’ names. To be a person of conviction, a person of Christian values, simply be confident that Jesus loves you and is your Savior. Value what God values.

Paul, a pastor who worked with new believers, gave a strong encouragement not to be ashamed of the gospel, to be confident that Jesus loves you and is your Savior despite what the world says about you. Why? “It is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16). God’s Word has power! Trusting God’s Word has power. In fact, the word for power here is where we get our English word dynamite from. Be a person of conviction. Faithfully trust God’s power, which blasts away a lifetime of sin and shame. And be bold in your faith that Jesus truly, truly loves you. Hold firmly to that conviction, and you will see the power of God in your life.

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