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Welcome to Time of Grace!

Hey there, welcome to Time of Grace. We are thrilled that you found us on your YouVersion Bible App! If you scroll down a little on this page, you’ll find a sampling of some of the devotional content that the team at Time of Grace creates regularly.

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Grace Talks daily video devotionals

Less than ten-minute video devotionals with daily life application that feature a variety of speakers. We distribute these worldwide via email and on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

These devotions are also available on the YouVersion Bible App.

Grace Talks archive


Grace Moments Devotionals

Grace Moments Archive

“The end of anxiety” Pastor Mike Novotny
“GOD is here”   Pastor Mike Novotny
“What people think” Pastor Matt Ewart
“Prodigalish” by Jason Nelson

Blog posts

Blog archive

“What I pray (almost) every morning” by Pastor Mike Novotny
“3 words that will change your corona-year fears” by Pastor Mike Novotny



Written by a variety of authors on a variety of topics. Here are a few of our popular books:

3 Words That Will Change Your Life
3 Words That Will Change Your Life
30 Words To Fire Up Your Faith
30 Words To Fire Up Your Faith
Gay and God Book Set
Gay and God Book Set
Seeking God Every Day




Social media

Thoughtfully crafted, visually compelling social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to give you a quick boost of God’s Word to help you through the day.