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What are we for?
Jason Nelson
by Jason Nelson
September 20, 2022

We Christians often state what we’re against. That way of arguing is called polemics. It’s taking others down by picking apart their belief systems. Sometimes we need to object when people are wrongheaded. Other times we are forced to defend ourselves when people object to us. That is called apologetics. We are quick to defend our faith. And if we are convinced that we are in a hostile environment, we become Christian minutemen and women ready to discharge our duties and become offensive and defensive. 

I don’t think we need to be either of those things very often if we are prepared to do the work of evangelists. The Bible teaches us to win people over with the love of Jesus. No one is argued into heaven. Anyone can engage in combat. That’s just making noise. We distinguish ourselves when we show people a better way. Isaiah spoke eloquently of the work of an evangelist (Isaiah 61). He said it’s when we proclaim good news to the poor. When we bind up the brokenhearted and free the captives from their guilt. It’s when we are willing to comfort all who mourn and bestow on people beauty instead of ashes. It’s when we anoint folks with the oil of joy and wrap them up in a garment of praise instead of dumping on them in a spirit of despair. I don’t think people will want to argue with us if they are experiencing the Lord’s favor.

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