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Where do I go with my loneliness?
Pastor Mark Jeske
by Pastor Mark Jeske
March 14, 2021

Just because there are people all around you doesn’t mean that you aren’t lonely. In fact, one of the delusions that you might suffer from is to assume that everybody around you has it all together, has tons of friends, is financially secure, has a great family, and is really happy. You are the odd man or odd woman out. You can’t trust anybody because you’ve been hurt before. Nobody likes you for who you are; nobody understands you.

Those things are almost certainly not true, but they seem very real. And in the showdown between your feelings and the logical part of your brain, feelings always win. Where do you go with your loneliness? 

Go to your Father. He will hear your troubles without scorn or judgment. He will speak to you, if you let him, about his unconditional love and acceptance of you and about his free and full forgiveness of your sins. His fatherly heart hurts when you hurt, and he will hear and act on your prayers. Your Savior Jesus experienced a terribly lonely walk to the cross, and he can feel what you feel.

Here is his promise: “God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6). In his own way, at his own time, God will give you people in your life who will accept and love you, people with whom you can talk and serve and love. 

Watch for them. They are God’s answer to your prayers.