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Who’s going to heaven?
Pastor Dave Scharf
by Pastor Dave Scharf
February 5, 2020

A pastor was called on to see a man dying of a terrible disease. The man had Christian training in his youth but had turned away from it and had lived an awful life. Now on his deathbed, his thoughts returned to God. He repented of his sins, and the pastor announced God’s forgiveness before the man died.

One prominent member of the church said to the pastor before the funeral, “Pastor, you’re not actually going to bury that good for nothing scoundrel, are you? Because if he went to heaven, I don’t want to go there!” The pastor answered, “Don’t worry about that—you’re not going there.” “What?!” said the good church member. “This miserable man is in heaven, and I’m not going there?” The pastor said, “Not if that’s the sentiment in your heart. All have sinned. No one deserves heaven. And all are forgiven through faith in Jesus. There’s only one way to heaven—through Jesus!”

Take comfort in that today. It’s not your good works; it’s not your offering total; it’s not your church service that gives you the confidence of heaven. It’s because Jesus died for your sins that you are going to heaven. Remember, that’s true for everyone you see today as well!

“I tell you, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you” (Matthew 21:31).

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