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Worship is praising
Pastor Mark Jeske
by Pastor Mark Jeske
September 18, 2019

What is worship?

Okay, I suppose that sounds like a dumb question. It’s what we do in church, plus a little bit at home and privately, isn’t it? Most of us have “worship habits” grooved pretty deeply in our lives, so we don’t think about it much anymore. It’s possible to keep repeating familiar and comfortable phrases and songs by rote. But what is worship really?

Worship is how we express our relationship with our God. It is our joyful, grateful, appreciative response to God’s great person and astonishing works: “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts” (1 Chronicles 16:9). Worship is praise—publicly acknowledging God’s greatness, shining your personal spotlight on God, using speech and music to extol and exalt (i.e., lift him up high in our lives).

You can’t give God any more glory than he has already—how could your little voice add anything to the vast chorus of praises of the heavenly host? You can’t make God any more glorious than he is already—his light fills the heavens as he reigns in majesty over all. But in our little hearts, often clogged with other idols, he is not always supreme. Only we ourselves can lift him up in our own lives. He thought you important enough to send his Son, his dearest treasure, to win you back. Think of him as important enough to give him the praise he deserves.

Start now.

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