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Katie Augustine

Katie Augustine

Katie Augustine is a stay-at-home mom who lives with her husband, Matthew, and their four young children in rural Michigan. When she’s not busy wrangling kids, Katie blogs at Mid-Michigan Moms and Holy Hen House, teaches Sunday school and small-group Bible studies at her church, and serves as the director of Mornings with Mommy—Chesaning.

Bible 101

Our forever home

The word home has got to be one of the most emotionally charged words in the English language, especially around the holidays. It is…

Life’s Challenges

God isn’t scared—even when we are

A few years ago, I had a hard conversation that upended my world. The grief I felt was immense. There was a real fear…

Bible 101

Jesus was a baby … for YOU

When you hear the name Jesus, what picture pops into your head? Maybe you envision a famous painting of a Caucasian-looking Jesus that you…

Who is God?

You’re more than space dust

A couple of weeks ago, NASA released images from the James Webb telescope, the most high-tech telescope ever invented. The images caused a ruckus…


¡Hagamos el cielo abarrotado!

Recientemente, todos los miembros de mi familia se enfermaron. Fue una sensación horrible e impotente ver a mis hijos ardiendo de fiebre y tosiendo…


Persiste en la oración

¿Alguna vez has tenido una interacción con un niño pequeño que se desarrolla de esta manera? “Mamá, ¿puedo comer una merienda de frutas?” “Bueno,…


Jesús va rep por rep con nosotros

Como madre de cuatro hijos, es difícil encontrar tiempo para hacer ejercicio, pero me las arreglo para hacer ejercicio durante la siesta de mis…


Despedirse no es el final

Mientras escribo esto, estoy rodeado de cajas de mudanza y cinta adhesiva. Nuestra familia se está preparando para mudarse a otro estado después de…

Living My Faith

Be a connoisseur of Christ

Do you love coffee? I sure do! As a mom of young kids, coffee is vital to my energy levels, but I really love…

Living My Faith

Getting fit

Have you ever thought about the ways in which exercising and spending time with Jesus are similar? On the surface, your fitness goals and…