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Pastor Jeremy Mattek

Pastor Jeremy Mattek

Pastor Jeremy is currently serving as pastor at Immanuel Church in Greenville, Wisconsin. He has been married to Karen since 2000. God has blessed them with five children (three girls and two boys). Together, they find great joy in encouraging souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Who is God?

You Don’t Need to See to Believe

Just because you can’t see how something is going to happen, doesn’t mean it can’t.

Depression & Anxiety

Overcoming Vulnerability

Watch the entire devotional series from this week, as Pastor Jeremy helps us overcome our vulnerabilities, reminding us that no matter what we feel, Jesus is always with us.

Life’s Challenges

Vulnerable to Death

You don’t need to fear death.

Depression & Anxiety

Vulnerable to Rejection

What’s a scapegoat? It’s why you no longer need to fear rejection from God.

Depression & Anxiety

Vulnerable to Feeling Helpless

You may feel helpless sometimes, but you’re not helpless anymore.